Student Community Services – Community Empowerment Learning (SCS – CEL) is compulsory course for UGM’s undergraduate students and on offer to overseas undergraduate students to join-participation as a free choice and on the chance of credit transfer. SCS-CEL UGM program initiated at 1971 and improved by the days. The objective of this course is particularly to raise the student’s emphaty and care for poor and environmental problems as well as economy and social issues. This course run based on the principles of co-creation, co-finance, win-win solution, sustainability and flexibility. SCS-CEL is conducted by research based program and using multidisciplinary approached method. Operationally, the students have to do (1). participate in community empowering activities, including program design and implementation in order to solve the problems of local community (themes are varied according to local needs); (2). social and cultural exchange; (3). involve with the community doing what they normally do in a village and learn about the rural life; (4). introduce new culture (especially origin cultures of foreign student) to the community; and (5). submit the report of activities during SCS-CEL program to The Directorate of Community Services – UGM.

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